Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 20: Porto Market, Tram ride and Sardines *Eurotrip*

8am start and first things first, tea! My friend only starts functioning after she has had her cup of tea. We need her to function so let her have her tea! Seriously she's grumpy if she doesn't get her tea, but this is what makes our friends unique and why we love them so much. 

We had our yummo ham & cheese Portuguese rolls and coffee / tea, and then got ready to go to the Porto market. The market wasn't really anything special, but think it would be much better on a Saturday when all the stalls were open. 

We ran into the two Australian chicks from our hostel and decided to chill with them for the rest of the day. We went to a deli shop and bought a few gifts. I managed to find the shop with the cool printed tights again and got 2 x more pairs. This meant less money for food which meant eating less! Haha! So worth it!

The sun was shining today which was a nice contrast from yesterday's overcast rainy day. We walked past a few sites that we saw on the walking tour yesterday and it was nice to take pictures in the sun. Everything looked a bit brighter and the blue sky background makes better pictures. The one chuck said she I craving cakes and she decided to have a cake day today. So we found a cafe. The Australians had a variety of tiny sweet cakes and we had a variety of savoury snacks. We arrived at the riverside and waited for the tram. 

It was so much fun riding in the tram and looking at the scenery. We passed the river mouth and the bridge. We arrived at our destination and then planned to walk another '20 minutes' to a recommended restaurant by the seaside. We started walking and after about an hour we still haven't reached this restaurant. The one chick had to be back in town to catch a flight, so we didn't have a lot of time. I was telling the girls, let’s try and look on the bright side: we just walked off all the cakes or savoury snacks we just ate, plus we worked up an appetite! We decided to take a taxi and then got dropped off close to the restaurant. We were told that it was cheap, but good food. We were disappointed to see that it wasn't cheap, so we decided to look for an alternative restaurant. Everything was pretty pricey, but we decided to go to the busiest looking one. I had sardines and potatoes. We had wine. It was nice, but I've had better food before.

We then caught a bus back to town. Bought some veg for dinner. I got back and packed all my stuff, as we had the bright idea to catch the bloody early flight to Barcelona in the am, so we can have a full day there. We organised for a shuttle to take us to the airport and it was picking us up at 4:10. Totes redic I know! Yawn! We chilled on our balcony and had wine, olives, cheese and figs. Then I cooked us ratatouille pasta for dinner. We wrote some postcard and then it was bed time!

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