Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 19: Porto Tour and Porto Wine Bar *Eurotrip*

Portuguese rolls taste the best in Portugal. Who would've thought! This will sound silly I know, but I never thought about having Portuguese rolls in Portugal. So for breakfast at the hostel I had a ham and cheese Portuguese roll. It tasted so good, fresh and soft. Then I had another. That's when I clicked. Must be because the Portuguese knows best to make Portuguese rolls. We had a lovely breakfast at the hostel.

We were collected from our hostel to go on the walking tour of Porto through the old city. We all met at the square and everyone from the different hostels had to introduce themselves. We started the tour and the guide was very knowledgeable and informative.

We walked past lots of stores where I spotted printed tights. My new obsession at the moment! I came to the conclusion that I will just have to eat less so I can buy more clothes and then look even better in the clothes!  

We visited the train station, which is the most beautiful train station I have ever been to in my life. It was covered in the typical blue & white tiles that told different stories about Portugal. Back in the day the king of Portugal visited Egypt and he saw that they put tiles outside the temples to reflect sunlight and keep it cool inside. It was called polished stone. He then brought it back to Portugal and put it on all the facades.

We saw the last remaining piece of the city wall when we were on the bridge. The views from the bridge were breath-taking! Wow! It was very windy up here and my brand new scarf blew from my neck! Sad face.

We then went with the whole group to go have lunch at a local restaurant. We had a typical Francecinha which is a sandwich with 5 different meats and topped with melted cheese. Then covered with a spicy sauce. It was very tasty, but heavy and rich. So it is recommended only to have it for lunch as it would be too much for supper. We had the green wine with it which was very refreshing.

We then walked in the rain over the bridge to the port wine bars and went to Taylor. It was built in 1692, 5th in port wine bar in Porto. 30% of grapes that is grown and harvested on site are still thread by foot. We had a lovely tour and then tasted the ports.

We then trekked back in the rain to the other side of the city where we lived. We dashed into a coffee shop and had a coffee, tea and some custard tarts called pasteus nata. You sprinkle cinnamon on the tart and it tastes like miktart!

We were going to go to the pub crawl, but it was pouring down with rain so we opted instead for another bed picnic!

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