Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 15: Arzua - O'pedrouzo (total kms walked 169kms) *Eurotrip - Camino*

6am start. Being woken up by zip sounds and scrunching of bags. Sounds of backpacks being packed. Right now I think that it's something I won't miss at all, but who knows I might miss this when I'm back to living my luxury life! My simple life back home seems so desirable right now. I'm envisioning my bed with me lying in it. Freshly washed clothes and sheets. Watching series. I just want to do that right now for days on end. I need to live in the moment I know. Ok let me try harder.

Forced my boots on. Redic pain with each step. I told the family not to wait for me, I need to warm up my feet and I will catch up. Today it was The naked and the famous that kept me company. Again there were tears. My feet were sore and I could feel the plantis faciates. Sigh. 

I was fighting thoughts of doubt again which was coming from every direction. Trying to justify taking a bus to Santiago. How it’s not important to finish the last 100kms and getting the certificate. 

Bambi appeared on the path, looked straight at me and then ran back into the forest! I took this as a sign from the universe to suck it up! I then had the thought that I should just change shoes and I will feel relieve. So at the next bar I changed my hiking boots to my Tomy's and it felt better instantly! I finished drinking my coffee and there was this young dude sitting there at the next table. I asked if he spoke English and he was an American so he obviously does. We started chatting and then I asked if I could walk with him for a bit. He said yes. It was cool to chat to someone and it made the time go past quicker. 

We checked into the same albergue and showered and then chilled a bit. Both my ankles were swollen and I needed to elevate my feet!

Having a chat with anyone on the Camino about your feet is pretty normal hey. You should see my blisters and it’s like a show and tell. Comparing feet. Only on the Camino! 

We had some Tinto wine and then went to the bar to get some wifi. We had beers and Oysters. After that I was finished and had an early night. Tomorrow we were doing the last 19kms before we reach Santiago!

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