Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 14: San Xulian - Arzua (total kms walked: 150,5km) *Eurotrip - Camino*

Good night’s rest. Two sleeping pills. The snoring man slept on a mattress outside so we can get some proper sleep. Shame he got cold, but it was very humble of him. We had tortillas for breakfast and hit the road. 

I was in pain. My running injury (plantes faciates) was paining. My Achilles heel was so swollen; I struggled to get my boot on. My blisters hurt. I popped two Camino candies and hoped my feet would warm up fast. As soon as the blood disappears and your feet becomes numb if gets a wee bit better. I couldn't stop myself crying for the first half hour. Big Crocodile tears just running over my cheeks with each step I took.

I pumped King Charles and Alt-J through my Skyllcandy headphones and pushed on. 6 more days of hiking ahead. 6 days done. I can do this. I am strong. I am awesome. Those were the thoughts I sent to the universe to make this situation better. It was contradicted with plenty thoughts of doubt. Why am I doing this? This is stupid. You are in pain. Stop. Get a Bus. I just kept on going with the positive thoughts till the tears dried up and my feet were bearable to step on.

The family I have been walking with saw me crying I think and let me walk in front till I was ready to face them again. They have been such a blessing to me. I was so scared to start from Sarria two days ago as it was unfamiliar territory and people. They have just been so welcoming and a joy to be around. Bless their bones.

The family consisted of the mom, her son of 11 years, her daughter of 14 years and their pastor friend. The family’s dad passed away from cancer 4 years ago and they have been walking for 30 days. They were hoping that the Camino would help them with bringing closure with their lost. They are just the most beautiful kids that that crept onto my heart. Ok emo vibe finished!

We stopped off for an early lunch in a town which sells the best pulpo (octopus) and we ate that with pimientos (mini green peppers roasted and sprinkled with olive oil and coarse salt). Accompanied with a beer of course.

We then fell in the road again and I listened to One republic, the Luminaries and Zombie Zombie. We booked a place in Azura and it felt like we were walking for evs! At last we found our place at the end of town. It was a massive albergue and it was only us 3 girls in a room with 12 beds. The walls didn't go all the way to the top of the roof, so you could hear everyone chatting. I was having an emotional day and was irritated.

We went to have some food and wine at a bar close by. I needed the wine. I was exhausted from the day and I crashed on my bed. I took 2 x sleeping pills and a muscle relaxer to ensure that I sleep well. I tried to go to sleep but the symphony of snoring kept me awake. I thought that I would probably sleep nothing at all, but only woke up again the next day. So must have slept well. 

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