Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 12: Sarria - vilacha (total kms walked 89,1km) *Eurotrip - Camino*

It was quite different to wake up and not chatting to anyone. No one in my room spoke English and everyone just got down to business and got ready for the day. I was starving by this time. Last meal I had was a sandwich at 5pm last night. I didn't have a guide book so I didn't know how far the next town would be so I can grab some food. The closest restaurant or shop was all the way downhill and I wasn't too keen to walk back up the hill. I was overjoyed to see that the next town is 2.5km away. 

My feet were feeling pretty good and I'm happy that the day off my feet helped.

I arrived at the restaurant and ordered bacon, eggs and coffee. It was delightful to have a proper breakkie again. I wasn't used to it anymore, it was very oily and rich and I only managed to finish half of it.

On the road again which was overflowing with pilgrims.  A lot of people start from Sarria so that they can do the last 100kms in order to qualify for their compestela, which is the certificate that you get for completing the last 100kms.

King Charles and Monsters of Men were blaring through my headphones which kept me company through the day. 

I just took my earphones off and then I heard this one chick talking to her mom in Afrikaans! I was stoked and I started talking to the mom and we ended up having a lovely chat. She told me that they are going to an albergue that is owned by a 67 year old South African man. He's done the Camino 5 times and then had a stroke. He recovered and then decided to buy a house and restore it and open up an albergue which was in Vilcach. This sounded awesome so I decided to stay there with them.

It was a great choice, the owner was so welcoming. The energy and atmosphere was great. There was another couple who finished walking the Camino and they were now volunteering at this albergue. They made us butternut soup for starters and bobotie for mains. Plenty of wine to go around. We had a lovely meal all around one table, which they call a communal meal. 

Afterwards the owner even rubbed in Zumbuck on my injured foot. Not an everyday experience to have the owner do that!

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