Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 11: Pamplona - Sarria (by train) *Eurotrip - Camino*

I woke up at 10am and started getting ready to go to the train station. My mate made us tomato scramble eggs on toast and coffee. Then he walked with me to show me where the bus station is. When we arrived there we realised that there if I take the bus, I will be late for the train. So he took me in his car to train station. He showed me where to go to catch the train. There were super drunk guys there who were singing and shouting. They got in the same carriage as me. Luckily I had my earphones and I listened to some music. At the next stop the police was waiting for them and they were thrown off the train.

I settled in nicely on my spot on the train and was looking forward to rest and chill for 7 hours. There was a full on restaurant in the train which was really cool! They played a movie which I would have loved to watch, but couldn't hear anything. I tried looking for an earphone jack, but couldn't see anything. I only discovered the earphone jack when the movie was finished. Next time I will know. I was a bit of a train virgin today!

The train ride was long and I couldn't really sleep, because it was uncomfortable. I was going to arrive in Sarria at 9pm, then I have to go look for an albergue to sleep for the night. I hope that it’s easy to find.  Then tomorrow I walk again. The idea of walking tomorrow didn't sit well with me at this time. I think today was the first time I felt homesick. I miss my house and my bed. I'm a bit worried about walking the last 100kms in 5 days and hope I can do it. I'm excited to meet my friend in Santiago and seeing her will be a joy! In order to qualify for the certificate that you get at Santiago, you have to hike the last 100kms. So that's why I'm starting at Sarria.

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