Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 10: Zubiri - Pamplona (total kms walked: 69.2km) *Eurotrip - Camino*

You would think that I should have a hangover today, but thanks to my mom for teaching me to take milk thistle when you drink, I didn't have one. Was feeling peachy actuals.

Same routine every morning. Pack up the old pack. Take care of your feet and suit up with your hiking gear. We arranged to meet the rest of our crew at the bridge at 8am so we did just that and then we fell in the road again. Some pilgrims took the bus to Pamplona, due to sore feet or just avoiding the rain. The bus took a half hour to get to Pamplona and it took us 7 hours to walk the 21kms. Cray I tell you!

Today it was raining. The WHOLE day. It was not as bad as I thought it would be to walk in the rain. There were loads of muddy paths and our packs and clothes were soaked through by the end of the day. I had a rain jacket on and a cover for my pack, but stuff still got wet. 

There was a lot of road that we walked on today and it was relatively flat, which was nice. I walked with my crew the whole day. We walked past a farm where cows were grazing. A farmer stopped there and he fed them. With guess what! Baguettes! It was hilarious to see the cows with half a baguette sticking out their mouths! Lol! There are a lot of bridges to cross and Denmark #2 commented that he has never crossed so many bridges in his life. This is true and actually applies to the Camino as this journey is about crossing bridges in life. Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. 

We came to a town which had a massive market with fresh produce product and lots of yum foodies. We bought some Tinto wine and had a little break in the plaza. Some of the locals came to chat with us, luckily Denmark #1 & Durango was there who could translate the Spanish otherwise we would have been lost!

The last 5kms felt like forever! It was hard and my feet were eina, but we made if in the end.  We went to a bar to have vino and pinchos. Plus wifi which I needed to contact my friend in Pamplona who I was going to stay with tonight.

e had Bro heat d gamba en tempura, Tostadita de solomillo con queso Brie and Tortilla espanola. It will take too long to explain what each one is, just trust me. It was delicious!

Random fact: all the light switches in the toilets in restaurants and bard haves timers on the light switches. You switch the light on when you enter and a few minutes after that it automatically switch off. If you didn’t do your business fast enough, you will have to look in the dark for the light switch which could be awkies. I think this is a great idea which we should actually have in South Africa to save electricity and we won't have so many power cuts. 

I eventually found my mates place and had a shower and got ready. There was some kind of art festival going on and the bars were so busy and there were just people bursting out of the doors. You just see umbrellas everywhere, as it was still raining. We drank a glass of wine and had a pincho each and then we moved to the next bar and did the same. We went to probably 5 bars. The pinchos was out of this world. I even ate baby eels. Then we went to a night club and more of my mate’s friends joined us. After that we went to a night club and partied till very late. Got home at 5am. No one I was with could really speak English, but that doesn't stop you from having a good time together and a great party! I could do with a bit of down time and booze free time for the next few days.  

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