Thursday, 30 May 2013

Day 1: Paris. Bed. Tired *Eurotrip*

I planned to come to Europe to hike the Camino  and do some sightseeing a year and a half ago.

Two days agoI landed in Paris. I have been traveling for 18 hours and I was tired. I walked through the whole airport looking for a micro SIM card for my iPhone, but couldn't find it anywhere. So I was going to be a wifi slut then. Ok fine.

Next I looked for the airport shuttle to my hotel. Found it, but the bus driver said he speaks no English. I was like okay and showed him which hotel I need to get to. At every stop I asked if this is me and he replied no. When everyone left the bus I showed him again and he apologised and took me to my hotel. Which we drove past earlier. Sigh. Wasn't even a scenic route. We were close to the airport, Paris North I think.

So I checked in my hotel. It was decent. I lied on the bed and switched on the tv. Every channel was French. Guess it's expected. I was hungry, as I was living off airplane meals for a while now. Went to the restaurant and ate a meat platter with salami, chorizo and bread. I know I'm probably going to eat a lot of bread while I'm here so I've made peace with that already. Normally I hardly eat bread. Then I realised how tired I was. So I slept for two hours. Woke up and got ready. I took the shuttle to the airport again and intended to get on the train there so I can get to Paris. Then was informed it will take me a hour to get there. It was already 20:30, so there was no point really as the last shuttle left for the hotel at 12pm. I asked at the info desk about a micro sim again and then found one at last! It cost 9€. Not too bad. Plus you get 5€ credit. 

So I missioned back to the hotel, went to eat a steak at the restaurant which cost 13€ and it had a tarragon sauce. Yummos, love tarragon. Drank a glass of wine that cost 3.20€. Then I went to bed.

I was bored, I was in bed and I discover how Vine works. Love this app! I hope to make plenty if videos on my trip to share with you! Here's my first attempt. You can laugh. It's funny and ridiculous!

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