Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clothes Swap

You look into your cupboard and you stare at the same items of clothes that you see every day. You think: "Umm, I have nothing to wear”. “ I have worn everything too many times”. “People are going to think I always wear the same clothes”. Sigh! This is a typical morning in my house. In actual fact, people don’t notice your clothes like you think they do. They have far more important things to care about than WTF you are wearing.  You are being totes redic.

Another problem I have is that I actually cannot see what clothes are in my cupboard. I have far too many items of clothing which need to be organised in a neat and orderly way so that I can see what is going on. I have so many black tops stacked on top of each other and I can never tell which is which so I end up pulling the wrong one out and messing the whole pile up in the process. It is never the one I am actually looking for. Always the freaking wrong top.   Aaaahhh! Frustration! 

The solution: a clothes swap with your mates!

Firstly you need to think about friends that are a similar size to you as well as ladies who are smaller/bigger. You then ask everyone to put clothes aside that they hardly wear but that  is still in good condition.  Clothes that need a new home and clothes that they can imagine their friends wearing and loving.

A good time for these Clothes Swaps would just before the change of season. This is the perfect time to freshen cup your cupboard.

Suggest that your friends each bring a bottle of wine or a plate of snacks and of course, their bag of clothing. 

A clothing rail would be great as you would all hang up your clothes and then start trying on the items that you like. A full length mirror would be handy too. Put everything you like in your pile.  The basic rule would be to swap stuff for similar value, so that its a fair trade.  A jacket for a jacket.  Or two to three tops for a jacket.  If its an expensive brand of clothing then you would trade a few items for that piece.

In the end you just need to feel that all your swaps were fair.  You could do this each season, four times a year. It really is such a great feeling to do guilt free shopping!

You should try it with your friends. Let me know if you have already done anything similar.  Look at all my great guilt free purchases:

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