Thursday, 10 January 2013

Instagram Montage

By now I think that everybody should know what Instagram is, if you don’t, you might be living under a rock and I’m not talking about Table Mountain.

You either like and get Instagram or you don’t.  If you like Instagram then you know about using the hash tags which you follow by the subject of the photo.  For example #landscape #capetown.  This way when someone is looking for photos of Cape Town or of a landscape, your photo will appear in the search.  You can even go further than that and start adding #picoftheday #instamood and various others, which will increase the amount of people that view your photos and would result in the possibility of likes that you could receive.  To see that you get a high amount of likes is the goal at the end of the day.

I was quite surprised and impressed simultaneously when one of my virtual friends that I met through Twitter told me about them taking part in the Iphoneography photo exhibition.  You submit your photos and then if you do get approved, you take part in the exhibition.  I am definitely going to write into this competition next year.

Some people might say that these photos get ruined by the different filters or our children will look back and think why do our parents have all these photos with the shit filters.  I think these comments often come from graphic designers or professional photographers who use design programs like Photoshop to edit photos.  Instagram is just that for amateurs and you can do it straight from your phone. 

I'm sure you have heard of some of the Instagram jokes that's gone around.  Here's my favourite one:
How much does a hipster weigh?  An Instagram.

If you not in Team Instagram, then you might be the people who hate seeing the Instagram feed coming up in your timeline on Twitter or your newsfeed on Facebook, but sharing your photos through these social media platforms, could increase your followers and awareness.

I really enjoyed this iphone app and thought that it would be cool to print out the photos I like the most.  I took a pallette and put nails in at random, then I took some red wool and criss crossed it around the nails to make a web.  Then I put the photos up with wooden pegs.  I hung this above my dining room table.

I absolute love this artwork that livens up my lounge!!


I'm busy getting my chairs reupholstered, hence the two chairs at my dining room table

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