Monday, 14 January 2013

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment

I have wanted to travel for a while now and my sister suggested that I do the Camino.  I started researching and thought that this would be a mind blowing experience!!  I believe in positive affirmations and came up with the idea to make a visual board artwork to manifest these thoughts. 
I came across some old stamps that my dad collected and started painting these on canvasses.  

The stamps represent travelling and can relate to postcards and letters being sent while travelling.  Then I paper mache'd another canvas and then painted air plane silhouettes on it in the dominant colours that appeared in the stamps.  These represent me jetting all over the world!

The last painting I took the racing number of my first race that I ran and painted a simple butterfly on top of that, also in the dominant colours.  Butterflies can mean new life, new beginnings, being free and being social.

I mounted these on a pallet that I picked up in an abandoned parking lot, which I also feel is relevant, as pallets gets used for transportation and in a way they travel everywhere.

I hung this artwork above my couch in my lounge, as this is where I spent most of my time and I can frequently look at it and manifest positive thoughts about me travelling the world.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Instagram Montage

By now I think that everybody should know what Instagram is, if you don’t, you might be living under a rock and I’m not talking about Table Mountain.

You either like and get Instagram or you don’t.  If you like Instagram then you know about using the hash tags which you follow by the subject of the photo.  For example #landscape #capetown.  This way when someone is looking for photos of Cape Town or of a landscape, your photo will appear in the search.  You can even go further than that and start adding #picoftheday #instamood and various others, which will increase the amount of people that view your photos and would result in the possibility of likes that you could receive.  To see that you get a high amount of likes is the goal at the end of the day.