Friday, 7 December 2012

Social Club #5 Peace & Love

With a white t-shirt in the one hand and two bottles of vino in the other, I rung the bell at Jacqui's house in Seapoint.  As always it's so good to see all the ladies and catch up.  Jacqui had the lounge curtains drawn and later on she revealed the DIY area outside where we were going to tie dye our t-shirts that evening.  You could see that she went through a lot of effort: there was a washing line with baby clothes pegged, gloves and a heart with every lady's name on the line, fairy lights and all the other goodies for the tie dye mission.

Washing Line with gloves and our names

First we ate a delicious vegetable lasagne and salad, followed by cookies with peace signs on to go with the 70's theme.  Then everyone was ready to get their hands dirty.  We made aprons out of black bags and then we listened to Jacqui while she showed us the two ways of twisting your shirt to make different tie dye patterns.

Jacqui showing us the two ways you can twist your shirt

We could choose from three colours: red, blue or green.  Everyone started with twisting your shirt and then securing it with rubber bands.  You chose your colour and then dunked it in the dye, then you rinsed it off and let it stand for a while.  Then we couldn't get the rubber bands off fast enough to see the pattern on your shirt.  

Left: Kristina & Kelly, Right: Anda

From top left: Peace sign cookies, Kelly & Karina, Anda, Kristina & Karma

Left: Sarah, Right: Karma

From top left: Karma & Kelly, Anda & Jacky, Natalie & Karma and Kelly


Natalie, Jacky, Kristina and Karina

Here are some of the end results:

Kelly and Kristina's vests

Natalie and Anda's result

I really had such a fun night, excellent host, amazing food, great company and such a fantastic skill that we learnt.  Thanks so much Jax!

Natalie & Jacqui our host

A message from our awesome host, Jacqui:
What a wonderful vibrant time it was, tie dyeing with all my specials. I know it was part instruction, part trial and error but I think we can apply that to a lot of things in life... "We live and learn". Even for me it was a first. I think everyone's designs were unique and even though we may have pictured them differently, they certainly surprised us! Was truly lovely having you all in our new space. Drop in anytime, our kettle is always full! Thanks Sarah for your help and love you all, keen for next months!

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