Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Social Club #3 - Pineapple Express

Ready for Social Club with my two bottles of vino and two pineapples
Our hosts Jeanine and Jacky did such a fabulous job, we were entertained and wined and dined!

Our gorgeous hosts for the night - Jeanine and Jacky

Everybody had to bring their own pineapple and we didn't have a clue why.  When we arrived, we had to place our pineapple on the place setting.  Loved it!

The place setting

We had some wine, pasta, bread and snacks and caught up with all the ladies.  Then we were instructed to start cutting the pineapple and everyone guessed right, we were going to make cocktails!

So after your pineapple was hollowed out, you took some rum, wine, cream, pineapple and brown sugar and placed it in the blender.  Once blended we poured the mixture in a shaker and cooled it down with ice while shaking it.  Then the beverage was ready for consumption!  So you poured the mixture in the pineapple and decorated with cherries, umbrellas and pineapple leaves.

Hollowing out the pineapple and the finished product - whalaa!!

On the left - Jeanine demonstrating what to do
On the right - Jacky is trying to take note

But Jacky is like WTF I have no clue!!

All the girls busy with their creations

Jacqui, the first attempting to blend her cocktail. Oh this blender is noisy!!

From left, everyone showing off their pineapple cocktails: Jacky, me, Kate and Kelly
Kristina and Jacqui enjoying their concoctions!
Then we were told to lift up our place mats and underneath there was a fun fact about pineapples which we had to act out in sherades so the rest of the girls had to guess!  Some examples:  Pineapples can induce labour , Pineapples is the king of fruit and pineapples come from Hawaii.  This was quite a laugh as you can imagine!!

Can't wait to see what the next social club will bring.

All smiles after a few sips of the pineapple express!!

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