Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Social Club #4 – That’s Amore

Kate hosted us in her apartment in the Cape Royale, we were all in for a treat!  Kristina, Marli and I shared a taxi (we all know that Kate lives walking distance from the nightclub Jade and after a few vino’s our rubber arms will be twisted and we will end up there, thus no drinking & driving!) and the taxi driver asked us, are you ladies late, because you all ready and running to the car.  I said no, we are just very excited for Social Club!!

Kristina, Natalie, Karma, Kelly and Jacky

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Social Club #3 - Pineapple Express

Ready for Social Club with my two bottles of vino and two pineapples
Our hosts Jeanine and Jacky did such a fabulous job, we were entertained and wined and dined!

Our gorgeous hosts for the night - Jeanine and Jacky

Monday, 1 October 2012

Where I like to play in Cape Town

I joined the Couch Surfing community three months ago and I have had a lot of the CS (Couch Surfers) asking me where I like to go out for drinks, dinner and clubbing.  So I thought I would compile a list and can direct everyone to my post.  I will divide it in a few posts, as it's too much to do in one go! I hope to cover bars, clubs, markets, restaurants and fun activities.  Watch this space!

Bars I like to go to in Cape Town:

I love watching bands and chilling at a bar for a glass of wine or a beer, these are my favourite spots at the moment:

This bar I call the tourist bar, there are always tourists here.  It's usually busy most nights of the week and they normally have a live band that plays cover songs and there is a lively atmosphere.

Che, Nico and I at the Dubliner for Che's Birthday predrinks

Ray, a CS from US Minnesota, CS Corinna and Riaan at Dubliner on a school night